Justina Johnson,

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I am a web developer looking for work in the Des Moines, Iowa Area.

About Me

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Hello! My name is Justina Johnson! I am a student with a passion for web development. I am on track to graduate here in May and receive my Web Development AAS degree. I have had a love for web development since my Junior year of high school when I made my first website from a website creator. From there I enjoyed using website building platforms but wanted to further understand how websites are made. I really enjoy the challenges I face each day in my web development classes. If I'm not sitting behind my laptop, I'm probably sleeping, cleaning, enjoying time with my family, or thinking about getting on my laptop when it's done charging.


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Summit Farms Website

Adventure Travel Project

Class - Intro. to HTML & CSS

- HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

Koala Project Website

Koala Bear

Class - Intro. HTML & CSS

- HTML, CSS, Forms & Flexbox

Fresh N' Fun Wireframe

Skyline Fitness Wireframe

Class - Intro to Web Design

- Content writing, Teamwork, Adobe XD, Web Design

Urban Gardens

Urban Gardens Wireframe

Class - Intro. to Web design

- Content writing, Planning, Adobe XD, Web Design

To the Limit: Fitness & Training

To the Limit: Fitness & Training

Class - Intro. to WordPress

- WordPress, Content Writing

WordPress Triathlon


Class - Intro. to WordPress

- WordPress, Content Writing

Cupcake Store

Cupcake Store

Class - Intro. to WordPress

- WordPress, Content Writing, Store

Photoshop Banners


Class - Into. to Photoshop

- Adobe Photoshop

Desktop Publishing Projects


Class - Intro to Desktop Publishing

- Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

Clothing Wireframe

Clothing Store Wireframe

Classes - Intro to PHP, Website Application Components

- Adobe Xd, Content writing, Planning

Johnson's Clothing Store

Johnson's Clothing Store

Classes - Intro to PHP, Website Application Components

- Paypal, PHP, form, login


SPA/PWA: Animals

Class - Emerging Technologies Seminar

- SPA, Fetch API, JSON Manifest.json, Service Worker, JavaScript, CSS, HTML

Vintage Cooperative

Vintage Cooperative

Class - Website Applications Seminar

- HTML, CSS, PHP, Teamwork, Work with Client

React Application

React Movies App

Adv. Javascript

- React app, CSS, Terminal, Github

Recipe Project

Recipe Project

Class - Advanced Javascript

- HTML, CSS, Javascript, Local storage

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